What is a wine cooler
02 January 2024

What is a wine cooler and how does it work?

Across the world, different kinds of wines have been indulging our taste buds in all kinds of special ways. From unique combinations of grapes and other fruits, to full-bodied vintages from exclusive vineyards, there is so much wine to taste and enjoy in the world.

But wine can also be one of the more temperamental drinks, requiring the right storage to ensure you get the taste that the vintner intended. For ideal results, wine should be stored in special containers, suited to the temperature and airflow required to maintain quality.

For many people, these containers often come in the shape of wine coolers, and many modern kitchens will feature coolers to keep their wine for special occasions. Today’s state of the art coolers, like those in the Haier range, have even more features to assist, including airflow management, adjustable lighting and even WiFi connectivity.

In this blog, we’re going to look at what a wine cooler is and how it works, discovering its benefits and features along the way:

What does a wine cooler do?

Wine coolers are small refrigerators, with a specific focus on keeping the quality of wine for longer. For all extents and purposes, they’ll look like a regular small fridge – albeit one with typically a glass door so you can display the wine inside. 

Some models, including the Haier coolers, will feature different areas in the fridge, so that you can sort your wines to your tastes. You can also keep red wines and white wines in the same wine cooler at a temperature of around 12 degrees celsius – but many wine aficionados recommend separating them out ahead of when you intend to drink them.

How does a wine cooler work?

Coolers tend to work in a similar way to your fridge at home. They’ll use a compressor which drives cold air throughout the cooler, lowering the temperature inside to the level you set on your appliance. 

These compressors work by taking refrigerant, a mixture of safe gasses, and runs them through a circuit which makes them hot. These heated refrigerants then go through the condenser, where the condenser cools down the gasses and turns them into liquids. From here, they arrive at the evaporator, which is where they evaporate back into gasses which cools the air all around them to the temperature you choose.

This same process applies to wine coolers, but these clever appliances also use things like airflow management to replicate the cooler feeling of a traditional wine cellar when many wines should be stored.

You can also get both freestanding and built-in wine coolers according to what you want for your home. Freestanding models can be placed anywhere in the home, making them easier to move around. Built-in models are built into your kitchen, which means they can’t be taken out so easily, but they do tend to fit your interior design impeccably.

The benefits of a wine cooler

There are many benefits to having a wine cooler in your home. Here are just a few:

  • Taste
    The obvious benefit to having a wine cooler right where you need it is that you get instant access to wine that’s kept at its best quality. So whenever you have guests over, or if you simply want to enjoy a glass in the evening, a wine cooler makes sure whatever choice you go for, it’ll be full of flavour and taste.
  • Extra storage

Wine coolers aren’t just for wine. If you’ve also got delicatessen-style food that needs storing at a very specific temperature for quality reasons, away from all your other food, you can use your wine cooler. Some examples might be cheese, meats or even medication that has unique storage requirements.

  • Sunlight protection
    UV rays from the sun can cause particular problems for wine, turning it sour in no time at all. A wine cooler is great for protecting your vintages so that you can keep them out on display without having to worry about where the sun might be affecting them – perfect for when you want to show your guests around.

Why you should consider a Haier wine cooler

Haier wine coolers are sleek, modern and tasteful appliances that can make any kitchen feel complete.

These coolers offer a complete selection of features, fine tuned to help you get more from your wine. A natural airflow system replicates wine cellar air environments, while an anti-vibration system guarantees stability for your wines to cool in.

We also provide a Scan your Wine feature, built into the hOn app in partnership with Vivino. This function allows you to scan your wine label and get the complete rundown on the wine, where it was from, what grapes it was made with and even what Vivino users rate it.

Sound like it could fit into your kitchen? Discover the collection today.