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Why you should consider a multi-beverage machine
29 October 2023

Why you should consider a multi-beverage machine

A multi-beverage machine is a kitchen appliance that provides a range of different hot drinks, all in one place. They’re convenient and straightforward to use, keeping you on the go throughout the day – whether you’re enjoying time off or working from home. 

Having one appliance for all of your hot drinks means you can reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen, like the kettle, milk frother, hot chocolate maker and filter coffee machine – giving you back valuable living space for you to enjoy.

In this blog, we’re going to explore how a multi-beverage machine works and why you should consider buying one. Read on to find out more.

How does a multi-beverage machine work?

Many kitchen appliances can perform only one task, but in recent years multifunction appliances have become increasingly popular – generally because they’re more versatile practical devices compared to their single function counterparts.

The multi-beverage machine is a good example of one of these multifunction appliances. It’s an all-in-one device for making various hot beverages – at the simple touch of a button, you can make drinks like tea, hot chocolate, filter coffee and hot milk in an instant. Simply choose the beverage you want and start up the appliance.

The beverage is made directly inside a non-stick jug, coated for better cleaning and maintenance. This also allows for quick transitions from milk-based beverages to water-based ones, without residue being left in the jug.

Why should you buy a multi-beverage machine? 

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should buy a multi-beverage machine. 

First and foremost, certain models – such as the Haier multi-beverage machine – don’t require single-use pods to operate. Because of this, they generate less plastic and aluminum waste, and as such are a sustainable solution that reduces your home’s environmental impact. 

With their special non-stick coating jugs, multi-beverage machines are also much easier to clean and maintain. You can also save space at home, avoiding the clutter from various appliances used to prepare a single beverage, such as kettles or milk frothers, for example.

Finally, multi-beverage machines are exceptionally user-friendly, saving you invaluable time in the morning by instantly preparing your morning coffee or tea with just one button.

Introducing the new Haier multi-beverage machine

The Haier multi-beverage machine is a versatile and easy-to-use appliance, a modern and functional device that helps you

  • Save time
  • Save space in your kitchen
  • Reduce plastic and aluminum waste in your home

With this innovative appliance, you can enjoy a range of instant hot drinks including filter coffee, tea, infusions, hot milk, and foamed milk for cappuccinos – all from one machine.

The Haier multi-beverage machine has a custom filter for professional infusion preparations and comes with a sturdy and easy-to-clean, non-stick jug. This non-stick coating also prevents any crossed flavor when switching from milk-based to hot water-based beverages.

Various accessories are available, such as a brush to aid machine cleaning and a measuring spoon to measure out the amount of powder to be used. There is also a safety system to prevent overheating, so as not to burn hot beverages or damage the appliance.

The Haier multi-beverage machine also provides access to the hOn app, a hub with tips, recipes, and advice on preparing delicious hot drinks straight from your kitchen The hOn app regularly adds new content so that you can keep coming back for new ideas and ways to use your appliance.

Find out more about the Haier multi-beverage machine on the Haier website.