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Why you should buy an integrated fridge freezer with a water dispenser
21 August 2023

Why you should buy an integrated fridge freezer with a water dispenser

When it comes to frozen or chilled food and interior kitchen decor, an integrated fridge freezer with water dispenser is a superb choice for the proud homeowner – giving food flexibility and ice-cold water all at the same time.

But with so many fridge freezer options out there, it can be hard to be sure that integrated fridge freezers are the right option for your kitchen and for you.

So in this guide, we’re going to look at why you should consider buying an integrated fridge freezer with a water dispenser, and how it might suit your needs.

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What is an integrated fridge freezer with a water dispenser?

An integrated fridge freezer with water dispenser is a fridge freezer that is actually built into your kitchen counters and fittings.

Unlike a freestanding fridge freezer, integrated fridge freezers tend to fit the decor of your kitchen that much more, as they are often hidden in a cupboard – which means from an exterior view, they may as well be cupboards.

They’re more and more popular in modern kitchens for a number of reasons, especially in smaller flats and homes where space in the kitchen is at a premium.

Why you should think about choosing an integrated fridge freezer:


One of the main reasons people choose to add an integrated fridge freezer to their kitchen is to save invaluable space in a kitchen.

Freestanding fridge freezers often need a tall space dedicated to the fridge freezer, with space allowances on each side in case it doesn’t quite line up. By contrast, an integrated fridge freezer with water dispenser will have the space around it designed, fitting snugly in with the rest of the cupboards and storage units you have.


Fridge freezers aren’t ugly on their own, but they do tend to stand out in a kitchen – especially if that kitchen has its own clear and definable style.

Integrated fridge freezers skip all of that by being built into the design of the room; they match up to the cupboards and the drawers, hidden in plain sight. That makes them the ideal choice for people who have a clear image of what they want their home to look like.

So, if you want your fridge freezer to effortlessly fuse with the rest of your décor, an integrated option is right for you.

Ice water

Water dispensers are exceptionally handy features of both freestanding and integrated fridge freezers.

There’s nothing quite like having instant access to an ice-cold glass of water whenever you need it, whether it’s a scorching heat wave or a post exercise buffer. And all it takes is the occasional refill of the dispenser to keep your cold water flowing.

And many integrated models tastefully incorporate the dispenser in their design, so it never stands out.

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