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Advanced technology and superior design meet for a tailor-made experience

Discover the Haier world

With Haier, a gesture is enough. It's your gateway to the most advanced technologies, to a design that seamlessly integrates with your home and to a tailor-made experience that you can uncover with just one single touch.

Unique Advanced Technologies

Unique Advanced Technologies

Experience the forefront of home innovation with Haier. Our products integrate the latest technological innovations to enhance your life, delivering exceptional performance and outstanding results. At Haier, we lead the way in crafting high-tech solutions for the modern home, ensuring every moment is precisely as you envision it.

Superior design

Superior Design

Haier product ranges offer a diverse selection of stunning finishes and designs, to meet each consumer’s taste. This ensures that Haier appliances not only blend seamlessly into any home, regardless of size or style, but also enhance the overall aesthetic with sleek lines, superior functionality, and thoughtful details.

Tailor-made Experience

Tailor-made Experience

From sleek washing machines and tumble dryers to four-door American refrigerators, from sophisticated connected wine coolers to versatile convertible freezers, Haier guarantees a tailored solution for you, serving to every need and refined taste. Plus, with the hOn app, your Haier experience is impeccably crafted to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

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3 Products


3 Products

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Maximum spin speed (rpm)
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Full depth (door and pipes included)

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A gesture has a gift: it connects with others, instinctively



From their sleek and sophisticated design to customisable cooking experiences, every meal is a masterpiece. With advanced technology at your fingertips, precision and innovation meet seamlessly in your kitchen.

Connected to your needs

The hOn app is a unique digital environment to control, manage and get the most out of your Haier connected devices.

Designed to stay connected

Haier connectivity offers enhanced appliance functions, providing improved care for your daily life. Experience the efficiency of managing your home whenever you want.

Discover haier connectivity
No more wondering which wash cycle suits your delicate fabrics or which cooking method is best for your gourmet recipes. Our app provides tailored recommendations and precise settings for every specific need, ensuring perfect results every time.
Our appliances are equipped with AI and advanced technology that enhance your experience, automatically adjusting settings for tailor-made results.
Receive instant notifications from the hOn app if you've left laundry in the washing machine or if your meal is ready in the oven, control and monitor your fridge and dishwasher directly from your smartphone, ensuring every appliance is always performing at its best.
hOn App provides detailed statistics and personalised notifications, allowing you to monitor and optimise energy and water usage. Experience unparalleled efficiency and sustainability, ensuring your home operates at peak performance with minimal effort.
Custom programs for every need
Empowering your lifestyle with AI
You’re always in control
Efficient Resource Management