Guests at dinner? How to set a total white table and leave them speechless
05 October 2022

Guests at dinner? How to set a total white table and leave them speechless

Discover the power of a white dinner table setting combined with shiny cutlery: every guest will be speechless for all the right reasons

Eat some stage everyone will throw a dinner party or similar event. This is one of the times when people are fully tested. The idea of a dinner party is simple and easy to get onboard with. However, the closer the event gets the more likely people are to panic.

In short, it becomes obvious that the event needs to go well and that starts with a great impression of the dinner table.

Regardless of whether the property has a stunning contemporary dining room or something a little more unique, the key to leaving guests speechless is in creating the perfect table.

Discover the right approach to setting the table for dinner

Nothing says ‘wow’ more than a crisp white tablecloth. This has to be the first step in preparing the dinner table setting. Crisp white tablecloths don’t just look great, they also accentuate almost any other colour, making it possible to create a memorable colour-coordinated evening.

Of course, the white tablecloth is just the beginning.

How to set the table correctly for dinner or any other event

To create a wow factor it is vital that every item is positioned correctly. To start with, every guest needs plenty of room to enjoy their food. Larger tables ensure there is plenty of elbow room.

Setting the dinner table correctly means adding things in layers. The placemat, circular and a contrasting colour to the table cloth, is a great starting point. Follow this with plates, smaller on top of larger to create a stunning and practical effect.

Set the dinner table with the right crockery to guarantee result

However, the real secret to a fantastic dinner table setting is in the crockery. You’ll want to make your crockery shine with Haier dishwashers, and leave your guests speechless. There is nothing more impressive than a fork and knife that sparkle like new.

It is important to consider what cutlery is needed. That means establishing how many courses there will be and what will be eaten. Remember, there should be a fork, knife, and/or spoon for each course and it is traditional to work inwards from the outside to the plate.

In addition, glasses should always be placed on the right side. The water glass goes directly above the tip of the knife and the wine glass to its right.

To ensure the wow factor every place at the table must be laid in exactly the same way. This is guaranteed to make the right impression.

Set the table: don’t forget the centrepiece

To complete the perfect dinner table setting it is important to add a centrepiece. There are hundreds of potential designs. However, the centrepiece should be relevant to any theme, be large enough to be visible from all areas of the table, but also not so big that it overpowers the impressive effect of the perfectly laid table.

Additional touches to finish the wow factor of set dinner

Sparkling cutlery and symmetrical crockery are effective ways to impress guests. However, to ensure it is a memorable and distinctive occasion, it’s important to go one step further. That means stylish name plates, simple but elegant holders for serviettes, and attention to the small details. These are what make the biggest difference and will transform any dinner setting, ensuring the deserved wow factor is achieved.