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Hi-tech kitchen
13 December 2021

Hi-tech kitchen: AI applied to appliances

The technological revolution comes to the kitchen: hi-tech is the watchword for an immersive and customized experience, thanks to AI.

Constantly evolving technology is radically transforming our concept of everyday life, by introducing strongly innovative and surprising elements. This includes hi-tech appliances - complex, cutting-edge devices that can substantially improve our living comfort, protect the environment thanks to energy savings, and ensure security through remote control.

From design to performance: the kitchen of the future is hi-tech

The most innovative smart home components include in particular hi-tech appliances to manage and control the different kitchen functions, since this is one of the most characteristic and lived-in spaces in a home. This way, the idea of kitchen experience is completely revolutionized, by intervening both on the systems technological performance, and on their sophisticated and cutting-edge design, and creating premium, tailored-made solutions based on specific choices and preferences.

Touchscreens, minimal lines and premium quality materials are an integral part of the most innovative kitchen appliances, which transform a room into an interconnected ultramodern and elegant ecosystem. At the same time, connectivity, AI and the exclusive functions that allow to control appliances remotely, make cooking an actual futuristic journey, completely interactive and in the sign of marvel.

Appliances and smartphones: how does a hi-tech kitchen work

All hi-tech kitchen appliances can be configured and monitored easily, through a mobile device, usually with an app dedicated to home appliances.

For instance, with Haier hOn app, you can control your appliances with your smartphone, as if it were a remote control, and set the oven, the stovetop, the refrigerator, and the wine chiller based on your specific needs. Moreover, thanks to innovative services guided by the AI, hOn offers you a kitchen section, providing inspiration and recipes tailored made on your taste and needs, and perfect cooking tips thanks to the probes and sensors connected to the app.

A must-have for a hi-tech kitchen: a hi-tech refrigerator

The 2021 Edition of the Fuorisalone di Milano was a testimonial and advocate for technological kitchen transformation, also thanks to Haier's help, which presented its idea for the "Home of the future." Star of the event was the Smart Home concept, with particular focus on hi-tech kitchens, characterized by smart interconnected appliances, long-lasting tech covering and sophisticated design.

Speaking of this space in a home, one of the most innovative products that is revolutionizing our day-to-day lives is the smart refrigerator. The refrigerator is the hearth of all kitchens; looking at latest-generation appliances, it is easy to get amaze, when discovering that, apart from storing food longer, they have sophisticated and hi-tech functions, that can anticipate and meet our day-to-day refrigeration needs. Examples of innovation and quality are the 3D 70 Series 7 and Cube 83 Series 7 refrigerators, which, thanks to their AI system and modern design, make the kitchen a special and unique place.

Performances that were unthinkable up to a few years ago, are now only the beginning of what technology - combined with design and ease of use - can offer to our future way of living.