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How to choose the rights outfits with loose jeans
25 August 2021

What to wear with loose jeans: pairings for an elegant evening out

The simplest approach to getting outfits with loose jeans right is to put smart with casual, allowing anyone to look and feel fabulous wherever they go

There are two essential elements to choosing the perfect outfits with loose jeans. The first is to understand what jeans are currently fashionable and how to wear them. The second is to know how to look after them.

Most jeans are classics and can be worn time after time, even 90s jeans have made an impressive comeback. But, to wear the perfect outfits with loose jeans they need to kept in perfect condition.

Fortunately, anyone can learn about jean care and the best outfits with loose jeans.

How to style baggy jeans

There are plenty of people that love denim but don’t like the figure-hugging style of many jeans. Fortunately, there are plenty of loose jeans available. All that is needed is to adopt the baggy jeans style and then work out what to wear with baggy jeans.

Ready to learn how to style baggy jeans? Read on and discover everything there is to know:

Baggy jeans are comfortable although they do little to enhance a figure. That means, when desiring to dress it up but maintain a casual look, choosing a simple cardigan with nothing underneath is the right approach. Choose the number of buttons that are done up, depending on the time of day or night. This is a favourite look for Bella Hadid. It is also possible to add a baby tee underneath for a more subtle look.

It’s possible to take it up a notch by pairing loose jeans with a sheer top. This creates a great look with a halter-neck top under a sheer top. It is chic and sexy.

It is possible to get away with almost any type of top if pairing loose jeans with a smart blazer. It gives a professional vibe that is perfect for the office or those more formal, but still casual, meetings.

Keeping it casual means sticking with an oversized top and a designer pair of loose jeans. It makes a great combination for almost any occasion.

Of course, when wondering what to do with oversized jeans it is essential to remember the shoes. Boots keep the look casual, as do trainers. But, when ready to dress up an outfit with loose jeans, make sure to add a stylish pair of heels. It will make all the difference.

Caring for those baggy blue jeans

It doesn’t matter whether the preference is skinny jeans or baggy blue jeans, they all need the same level of care. The trick to looking after jeans is not to wash them too often. Levi recommends never washing them before they have been worn at least ten times.

It is also important to also wash them in cold water and always line dry, denim suffers in the dryer. In fact, it is worth investing in the incredible i-Refresh, Smart Dual Spray and Steam functions of Haier’s I-Pro Series 7 offers professional results in your home.

A key consideration is that it doesn’t matter when looking at what to wear with white baggy pants or how to rock baggy jeans, providing the wearer is confident they will look and feel fantastic.

Alongside this, take the time to consider the right top to go with loose jeans, depending on the occasion, this will ensure the right outfit with loose jeans is chosen every time.