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17 March 2022

How to design a smart home? The 5 connected appliances you can’t do without in a smart home

Apart from having a classy and innovative design, connected appliances ensure a comfortable and customized lifestyle. Here is how to design a smart home from scratch.

What is a smart home and why is it destined to become the future?
A home becomes smart when its different technological elements are perfectly integrated and connected to one another and can be controlled via smartphone or voice-enabled devices, even remotely. This system helps you increase your home safety, reduce your energy consumption and obtain the utmost comfort.
How to design a smart home and choose the ideal and technologically advanced appliances?

How to make your home smart and what appliances should you choose

Today, in order to make your home smart, you don’t need complex plants or electronics. Latest-generation appliances can connect to your smartphone using the artificial intelligence, and offer unique functions for remote control and coordinated connection of several devices.
Therefore, you should understand what to automatize in your home to make it smart, and what must-have tech devices can increase your comfort, efficiency and safety performances, thus creating a completely customized living experience.

What should be included in a smart home: must-have high-tech appliances

Furnishing your home with technologically-sophisticated devices means creating a completely integrated and connected space, highly customized and shaped based on your needs.
What should a smart home include? Here are the top 5 best smart appliances:

  1. Refrigerators and freezers: smart, with a contemporary style, they offer customized solutions to ensure you the best cooling experience.
  2. Dishwashers: devices that let you start the cycle remotely, and also monitor consumption, by reducing water and energy wastage.
  3. Washing machines: guided remote washing cycles, customized programs and notifications on your appliance’s health are just some of the incredible functions of smart washing machines.
  4. Oven: an intuitive and highly professional cooking experience, which allows you to start or program a cooking cycle, check the end times and adjust the settings remotely.
  5. Air conditioner: comfort and well-being that can be completely controlled remotely, by switching the system on or off, managing the temperature of every room and monitoring energy consumption.

How to create a connected designer home with Haier appliances

All smart appliances can be configured and monitored simply through a mobile device. For instance, Haier’s connectivity uses the hOn app to control and manage the appliances, and therefore to set certain functions and to connect the appliances to one another, creating an actual smart and connected ecosystem. The information exchanged between devices connected to the app allows monitoring the quantity of active devices, manage the use of energy and power levels, and optimize them automatically.
In short, creating a latest-generation smart home is possible: just choose the right appliances, to truly make a difference.