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How to remove pet hair from clothes using the washing machine
14 April 2022

How to remove pet hair from clothes thanks to a connected washing machine

One of the things we love most about our pets is stroking their soft coat. However, when cats and dogs live indoors, their fur becomes one of our clothes’ worst enemies. How to remove pet hair from clothes in the washing machine?

If you live with an elegant Persian or sweet Yorkshire Terrier, you will know that shedding is a constant in their routine. In fact, most pets - not just long-haired breeds - shed large amounts of hair, which settles not only on floors, carpets and sofas, but also on clothing!

With a few tricks, and thanks to the right washing machine, caring for your favourite cashmere sweater will become simple and somewhat undemanding.

Let's discover how to remove pet hair from your clothes with the help of a Haier connected washing machine.

Removing pet hair from clothes in the washing machine: the steps before washing

Our pets live in close contact with the environments that we frequent every day. Yet, while cleaning the floor is relatively easy (unless it is carpeted), removing hair from fabrics and clothes is a little more complex. This inconvenience cannot be avoided altogether, but it can be managed by minimising the amount of pet hair.

Before we take a look at how to remove cat hair from coats or dog fur from blankets, it is important to be privy to a few secrets.

  • One of these, which may seem trivial, is to regularly groom your pet, brushing him/her thoroughly. This simple trick greatly decreases hair shedding throughout the day and also helps to keep your pet’s fur looking tidy and glossy at all times.
  • Another useful precaution is to vacuum the surfaces of your home several times a day and use an adhesive roller on your clothes before washing them.
  • An additional and vitally important step to be implemented before washing, involves shaking any items of clothing that are particularly covered in hair outside in the open air and immersing them in a basin of water with a mild detergent. After allowing them to soak for a few minutes, put them in the washing machine and wash along with the rest of the laundry.

The fabrics that attract the most dog hair: to wash in the washing machine or not?

In general, tightly woven fabrics such as silk, satin, chiffon and taffeta tend to easily repel pet hair, as it slips and slides along the fabric. The fabrics that attract a lot of hair, on the other hand, include wool, loose-weave cotton, velvet and synthetics.

Some will always attract more than others, and the washing machine represents the only real solution to removing pet hair from clothes. It is important, however, to pay attention when choosing the right programme and temperature, so as to avoid irreparably damaging clothes, especially if they are delicate.

How to remove pet hair thanks to the smart washing machine

Washing clothes in the washing machine is, in fact, the second step (as well as the most important), for a perfect and orderly wardrobe. A professional washing machine is a must-have if you want to achieve results that match those obtained in a launderette. Despite the presence of animals in the house, it is in fact possible to disinfect clothes and obtain perfect laundry without a trace of hair.

Haier's smart washing machines are ideal for removing cat and dog hair from clothes and linen: the special ‘Pet Accessories’ cycle is designed to eliminate odours and remove the hair shed by our four-legged friends, especially from cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Moreover, thanks to the numerous programme customisation options, depending on the load and type of garments, you can choose how to set the following:

  • Pre-wash options;
  • Number of rinses;
  • Wash intensity;
  • Temperature;
  • Spinning and drying mode;

All these features can be activated via the hOn app connected to your home appliance, which helps you manage washing programmes and control your laundry remotely, anywhere and at any time.

Removing pet hair after machine-washing: the final step

Finally, if a few stubborn cat hairs remain following the machine-wash, you can remove them with the help of the dryer. Having a smart dryer available, even in this case, can make the difference. For example, the I-Pro Series 5, thanks to I-Refresh technology, uses puffs of hot air to remove dust and hair from clothes, and the drum - which rotates in the opposite direction - gently shakes the garments and relaxes the fabrics, eliminating any residues that may have become trapped in the weave.

Thoroughly removing pet hair from clothes is indeed possible. By adopting the right techniques and home appliances, it becomes even easier!