wifi washing machine, seasonal change
16 February 2022

Getting ready for your seasonal change: how to sanitize clothes with the help of the WiFi washing machine

With the WiFi washing machine, you can sanitize your clothes even at low temperatures. Thanks to the washing machine connected to the Internet, your seasonal change can become a pleasant and fun task.

The WiFi washing machine simplifies our lives and help us in carrying out tasks, such as the seasonal change. Soon enough, all our winter clothes in our wardrobe will be replaced with spring outfits, more suitable to warm weather.

Before putting away your warm clothes, you should wash them and sanitize them, in order to store them in the best way possible and find them ready at the next wardrobe change.

The benefits of a connected washing machine

Having a washing machine connected to the Internet provided many benefits. First of all, you can start it directly from your smartphone, even when you are out. You can check its operation at any time and, with the dedicated app, you can monitor its performance.

Smart washing machines help you in your washes, step by step: selecting the best program to wash your clothes, among the many available, has never been easier. In addition, smart washing machines are designed to optimize consumption and save as much energy and water as possible.

Sanitizing your clothes with a WiFi washing machine: useful tips

Modern WiFi washing machines are equipped with automated cleaning systems, and antibacterial and sanitizing treatments, which ensure a perfectly sanitized laundry. By starting a high-temperature sanitizing washing cycle, you can sanitize and sterilize your favourite clothes.

However, certain garments cannot be washed at high temperatures, as they would damage and discolour them. How can you sanitize your laundry, in those cases? To meet this need, we tested the steam technology, with its high sanitizing power, which can be activated even at low temperatures.

Haier washing machines, for instance, thanks to the combined action of steam and detergent, remove any traces of dirt effectively, relaxing fibres and facilitating the ironing phase.

How to wash wool items at low temperature

When it is time for the winter seasonal change, you should also know what to do with those wool items - such as sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves - which tend to felt, if washed. Usually, those kind of garments can be washed in the washing machine, at very low temperature (even better with a cold cycle), avoiding the spin cycle and the drier.

Today's top hi-tech washing machines have dedicated wool and delicate fabric programs: by choosing one of these washing cycles, with a suitable detergent, you can sanitize your wool and cashmere items without damaging them.

Haier I-Pro Series 7 has been designed with this in mind. Washing, drying and sanitizing your clothes easily and with style, with professional results, has never been so pleasant.