Spring combinations: how to match a white outfit
19 April 2021

Spring combinations: white outfit and all possible combinations

Spring outfits, from white to pastel accessories: here are some tips to create the perfect pairing

Spring is here, and it’s time to think about the seasonal changeover. Trends in these warmer months open with a focus on vibrant colours, even though white remains, once again, the evergreen protagonist of many looks. There are many pairings to ride the trends, and, with the right accessories, being fashionable is very easy.

Colours to combine with white: from pastel to vibrant nuances

White is the neutral colour par excellence and it is also the most elegant one among all nuances. Precisely for its candour, it can be easily paired to any colour. One of the spring 2021 trends is pastel colours, perfect to be paired with white outfits and accessories.

To create a sophisticated and formal look, grey, beige and dusty pink nuances are the best: for women’s outfit, try a white knee-length dress with a pastel blazer. And to liven it up, add a silver accessories, such as the shoes or a clutch. Even men can indulge in fine and classy combinations: for a modern and fascinating look, there’s nothing better than a white shirt with Mandarin collar paired with a light blue suit.

White is the perfect colour also for more informal and office looks. For a professional and versatile women’s outfit, opt for a while silk shirt paired with a grey or ancient pink pencil skirt, or, for a more casual look, choose a simple embroidered white shirt and light jeans or pastel green trousers.

Concerning men’s office outfits, white pants are timeless: they can be paired with a simple light blue or slightly darker beige cotton shirt.

In your leisure time, pair white with fluo or vibrant colours: you can opt for a total white outfit with red shoes or a colourful embroidered wool cardigan. And don’t forget accessories to bring out your look: a colourful chain or pendant earrings are the perfect alternative to blend in and be fashionable at the same time.

Taking care of your white outfits: everything you need to know on fashionable clothes

Don’t forget, white garments are very delicate and need to be taken care of properly. When you wash them, make sure that the washing machine temperature is not too high, especially for white silk garments, that shouldn’t be washed at temperatures higher than 30 degrees. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, should be cold washed, to prevent them from shrinking. Haier smart washing machines feature the I-Refresh program to freshen up your laundry and remove foul smells, without ruining your garments.

Another useful tip is to sort your laundry: do not wash white garments with colourful or slightly darker ones, or you’ll risk staining them.