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Bacteria on clothes: how to remove it in a washing machine
10 September 2022

Sanitising clothes in the washing machine: how to remove bacteria even from delicate items

Every day, thousands of bacteria are deposited on our clothes, and inevitably come into contact with our skin. In order to remove them effectively, you should know how to sanitise your clothes in the washing machine, even at low temperatures.

The presence of bacteria on clothes is normal, and - most of the times - harmless. However, when germs get in contact with the skin, they can cause irritation.

If you have delicate and sensitive skin, you should remove bacteria from clothes and sanitisze them. How do you do that? Luckily, you can sanitise your clothes in the washing machine even at low temperatures. For best results, also keep your washing machine clean by regularly descaling it with a limescaler remover.

How to sanitise clothes in the washing machine at low temperature

Delicate clothes should be washed at low temperatures, to prevent damage. How do I sanitise them appropriately? Steam technology is especially suited to this purpose. Steam is an excellent ally against viruses, bacteria and germs, because it enhances the detergent’s cleaning action, making it penetrate more deeply into the fabric fibres.

An example of latest-generation steam technology is Haier's new top-range I Pro Series 7 Plus washing machine, which sanitizes clothes in depth, protecting the most delicate fabrics. The “Refresh” function, thanks to a micro-steam technology, contrasts fine dust and allergens, and also softens fabrics, reducing wrinkles.

Antibacterial fabric treatment: what is it

In order to sanitize even the most delicate items in the washing machine, you can use specific treatment and programs, just like the ones of Haier’s I Pro Series 7 Plus innovative washing machine. First, you can use the antibacterial treatment certified by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. ABT® (Anti Bacterial Treatment) is a material patented by Haier, with zinc ions, that kills 99.8% of bacteria, and acts directly in the basket, protecting the washing machine.

This range of washing machines also has a special program called “Allergy care” designed for sensitive skin types, as it removes the residues of chemicals and allergens from clothes. Moreover, the automatic cleaning system “Smart Dual Spray”, activated at the end of each washing cycle, ensures a more sanitised laundry, and extends the appliance’s lifetime.

Sanitising your clothes: the basic steps

For impeccably sanitised clothes, you should follow a series of good practices and a few crucial steps to limit the presence of bacteria.

  • Dry your clothes out in the sun, since sunbeams have an important germicide action.
  • Dry your laundry outside, because fresh air and wind significantly reduce the presence of bacteria on clothes.
  • Do not leave dirty clothes in the laundry basket for too long, to prevent their cross-contamination.
  • Keep the places where you store your clothes - such as drawers, closets and hampers - clean.
  • Sanitise your washing machine regularly and remove any dirt residues, such as animal hair.

Now that laundry sanitisation has no more secrets, you can have a perfectly sanitised laundry using the latest-generation techniques to obtain excellent results, like never before.