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What to eat without turning on the stove? Cold recipes
21 June 2022

What can you eat without turning on the stove: simple gourmet recipe ideas

When it is too hot outside, we don't feel like cooking. Fortunately, you can make tasty gourmet dishes with many simple and quick recipes. Let's see what can you eat without turning on the stove.

Cooking in summer can be a real challenge! Standing in front of a scalding stove? Or turning on the oven... Especially if you are on holiday, after a day at the beach, you have no desire to think about dinner.
Cooking cold gourmet dishes is the best way to eat healthy and enjoy your free time, without giving up flavour or quality.

What can you eat without cooking? Healthy dishes

If you don't know what to eat without turning on the stove on hot summer day, you'll be glad to know there are many healthy and tasty dishes.
And not just that, eating raw food is now one of the most popular fashion trends among Hollywood stars, as it lets you enjoy the original taste of all the ingredients. There are many benefits to this kind of diet:

  • All vitamins and mineral salts are preserved;
  • It is rich in water, fresher and hydrating;
  • It is healthier and lighter, since food doesn't need fat to be cooked.

Tasty dishes and food for your summer nights

When we talk about gourmet recipes, we automatically think about elaborate preparations and complex cooking methods. Actually, you can prepare gourmet dishes even in a simple way, by using quality ingredients, condiments and spices.
For instance, to dress up your classic salad, use some nuts and a yoghurt, lemon and honey dressing. Or add exotic ingredients, such as strawberries, figs and pomegranate. If you use the salad as side dish for a fresh fish or red meat tartar, you'll have a complete and delicious meal ready.
Cous cous is the perfect carbohydrate if you don't want to turn on the stove: place it in a container, cover it with lukewarm water and season it with feta, cherry tomatoes and cucumber for an alternative Greek salad. With fruits and vegetables, you can make excellent cold soups, such as gazpacho.

Your help for your cold recipes: the refrigerator that advices you on what to cook

When eating raw ingredients without cooking them, you must be even more careful about their correct preservation. In your hi-tech kitchen, you shouldn't be missing a smart refrigerator with assistant technology for cold recipes. Haier smart refrigerators, apart from keeping an inventory of food in the refrigerator for you, also help you store ingredients thanks to the AI, which ensures the right temperature at any time.
By connecting it to the hOn app, you will have the refrigerator's cold recipes assistant feature always on your smartphone. You will be able to choose among a wide variety of cold recipes, perfect to get inspiration when cooking without the stove, every single day. Also, the app will automatically set the right temperature and preservation methods during every step of the recipe, and you can monitor or edit the settings remotely, at any time!