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Which tumble dryer is the right choice?
21 December 2022

Which tumble dryer should you choose for a professional laundry corner in your home?

Dryers are essential for most homes. Knowing this doesn’t make choosing which tumble dryer to but easier. Here are some guidelines to consider when buying the perfect tumble dryer.

Especially during the winter months, the tumble dryer proves to be an essential household appliance: it allows you to have your laundry ready in no time, preventing water from stagnating in the fibres of the most delicate garments and limiting the formation of creases in even the most unusual fabrics. But what are the features to consider when buying? Design, consumption, quietness and performance are some of the aspects to be carefully analysed.

It’s essential to take a moment and consider all options before selecting what is the best tumble dryer for the household in question.

The types of tumble dryers

Not all tumble dryers are the same, although they all effectively dry clothes.

  • Vented
    A vented tumble dryer eliminates the hot moist air created by the machine through a pipe and out of the house wall into the outside air.
  • Condensing
    Condensing tumble dryers are useful when a vent hole doesn’t exist and isn’t possible to fit. They can also be advantageous in smaller spaces. The dryer collects the water in the air to be expelled and says when the container needs emptying.
  • Heat Pumps
    This is the most energy-efficient option as the warm air is recirculated inside the machine. There are no concerns with moisture escaping and, because the air is already warm the dryer uses less energy to heat it to the desired temperature. In fact, this type of dryer can use half the energy of a conventional one.

The benefits of smart tumble dryers

To maximize energy savings it’s not just important to have the right type of dryer. Purchasing a smart dryer can also be advantageous. That, and Wi-FI Washing machines can have a positive impact on the environment.

A smart tumble dryer, like those from Haier, can be controlled from anywhere, allowing it to run when energy consumption is lowest. It also monitors the size and weight of loads and adjusts to maximise performance and minimise energy waste.

What to consider before buying a tumble dyer

In order to buy the perfect tumble dyer for your laundry corner, you have to consider several factors. For example, the performance of the appliance: thanks to advanced technologies I-Refresh, with Haier I-Pro Series 7 tumble dryer your laundry receives the best quality care, all while remaining incredibly efficient and effortlessly easy to use.

Consider the running costs

It can be difficult to know how much electricity does a tumble dryer consume, although the energy rating will help to guide you.

By understanding the different running costs and electricity usage, it’s much easier to select the right machine for the job.

Spare a moment for maintenance

There should be minimal maintenance required for a tumble dryer although all appliances can benefit from an annual service. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to assess the level of maintenance required. This can make a substantial difference in terms of reducing energy consumption.

Verify the available space

One thing that is frequently overlooked is the space a dryer consumes inside a property. Before any purchase, it’s a good idea to check the dimensions of the tumble dryer and verify it will fit in the intended location.

It’s possible to make the right choice when choosing a new tumble dryer. It’s simply necessary to spend a little time considering the options before purchasing.