Wine decanters
07 November 2022

Wine decanters: why certain bottles should be decanted before serving

Everything a wine drinker should know about wine decanters: when to use them, and what they are good for. It’s not necessary to be a connoisseur.

While it is true that not all wines should be decanted, there are plenty that can and should be. That means every home needs to have a wine decanter.

Naturally, not all wine decanters are the same. Before it is possible to invest in one, research needs to be done. It’s the best way to establish the different types of wine decanters and when they should be used.

Introducing the red wine decanter

A wine decanter is simply a product made to contain liquid, specifically wine. In most cases, the decanter is made from glass. However, it is possible to get one made from crystal glass.

Naturally, plastic decanters are available but these don’t perform the job as well unless the aim is simply to have something to pour wine from.

It’s a good idea to learn more about wine decanters to ensure they are being used properly. The same can be said for any task, such as how to marinate meat.

Don’t forget that red wine is generally better served at room temperature, allowing it to be decanted long before serving. In contrast, white wines should be kept chilled and decanted roughly 15 minutes before they are due to be enjoyed.

It can help to invest in Haier's wine coolers, as they allow you to store your wine collection in the same conditions as a professional wine cellar.

What to consider when choosing a wine decanter set or crystal wine decanter

Glass is a good choicer for a wine decanter. However, crystal glass is more durable. It makes little difference to the taste of the wine. However, due to the increased durability, the crystal wine decanter can be made in more ornate styles. That makes it the more artistic and easier to personalise.

Crystal decanters will refract light, effectively showing rainbow effects; Standard glass ones don’t do this. Naturally, the crystal option is more expensive.

In short, the decision regarding which type of decanter will be based on personal preferences and perhaps the budget available.

The secret to how to decant wine and how long to decant the wine for

Decanting wine allows the liquid to breathe, improving the characteristics and flavour of the wine. However, it isn’t necessary to do this hours before savouring the flavour. Fifteen minutes before drinking is a satisfactory amount of time to decant the wine.

In fact, it’s possible to decant and swirl the wine in the decanter to release the flavour and enjoy it almost instantly.

When looking at how to decant old wine, the answer is not to. Old wine will have sediment at the bottom of the bottle which shouldn’t be disturbed any more than necessary. Old red wine can be decanted slowly to avoid the sediment problem. However, this can take between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Why and when should you decant red wine?

The short answer is that it enhances the flavour, allowing everyone to enjoy the full body of the wine. Choosing a glass wine decanter or dedicated red wine decanter ensures the wine doesn’t lose any of its flavour.

However, if the wine has evidence of tannic residues decanting is not an option, it’s essential. Tannic residues will affect the flavour and quality of the wine. It will be essential to decant with the aid of a fine filter, ensuring the particles are left behind.