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How to marinate meat
13 September 2021

Meat marinades: techniques and secrets for the perfect recipe

Marinading meat is essential to flavour this food and make it more tender: here is how to do it

Marinading is a traditional cooking method employed when preparing meat, fish and vegetables. The main purpose of marinading is flavouring the ingredient and, especially when it comes to meat, making it softer. How do meat marinades work? What are the best tips to make this dish classy and delicate?

Meat marinade, how does it work

Marinading meat means preparing it to be cooked. The best way to flavour the meat - or remove the “wild” flavour, in case of game - is using greasy substances. In order to marinade meat, you’ll need evo oil, flavourings, spices and an acid elements, such as wine, vinegar, beer or lemon juice.

To make the most of this technique, we suggest marinading the meat in the refrigerator: times vary depending on the marinade acidity and type of meat. In general, marinade acids break down the food proteins, making them softer, while oils are used to trap the natural flavour and water, and flavourings to add flavour.

For meat marinades, opt for porcelain, ceramic, pyrex or glass recipients, as they don’t contain substances that may damage the ingredients. Massage the meat with your hands to spread the flavour, and cover it with cling film before placing it in the refrigerator.

Lamb and turkey marinades

When planning a meat dinner with lamb or turkey, keep in mind that there are several marinading techniques to use. Lamb marinade, a meat with an intense flavour: it can be made with evo oil, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic or spring onion.

Turkey marinade, instead, requires an acidic note, such as lemon or vinegar, to give more flavour to this dish.

Read meat marinade

Red meat marinade is mainly done to make the meat more tender. The marinate can also be used as cooking liquid. In general, red wine is a valid ingredient for all red meat cuts. You can even use herbs such as rosemary, bay leaves, garlic cloves and juniper berries.

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Marinading barbecue meat

For barbecues, marinading meat is a must to make the ingredients more tender and full of flavour. In this case, the marinade should be done before and while cooking, and it can include a mix of evo oil, lemon, chopped garlic and herbs.

With these tips, meat marinades will hold no secrets!