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Interior design trends: the latest developments
15 September 2022

Interior design trends: what are the latest furnishing trends

Discover the world of interior design trends, how they are changing, and how they can be successfully utilized in virtually any property.

Balance is key when approaching fashion trends, especially when this applies to furnishings. After all, while adopting the latest trends ensure the property remains relevant, it also needs the personal touch to ensure it remains livable.

Naturally, interior design trends must be applied with caution. Not every trend is suitable for every property. It’s essential to evaluate the trend before including it in an interior design project.

This covers everything from the latest designer kitchen containers to soft furnishings, such as curtains.

The latest interior design trends: increasingly hi-tech homes

It is essential to note that modern interior design trends are increasingly embracing technology. After all, most modern homes are now classed as smart homes. To effectively embrace the digital revolution it is essential to upgrade to the most stylish appliance. For example, Haier hoods adapt to your needs and ensure fast, even cooking and amazing results even in a smaller space! Choose Haier extractor hoods for your kitchen and manage them remotely, directly from your smartphone. It’s revolutionary, stylish, and practical.

Colours and themes reflecting interior design trends 2023

2022 has been a year of change. Warm colours have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and curves have replaced straight lines. But, the most distinctive theme in interior design is the increased focus on natural, sustainable materials.

This trend is highly likely to continue into 2023 and beyond as the environment becomes increasingly important to future generations.

Current interior design trends 2022 are still changing

Of course, interior design trends never truly stand still. Throughout the course of 2022 warmer colours have thawed slightly, welcoming a monochromatic look. This is generally striking and provides the opportunity to use warm colours with contrasting colours or even bold wallpaper.

In effect, this approach creates a statement that reflects individual personalities and allows visitors to gain a deep understanding of the property owner’s psyche.

Embracing the contemporary interior design trends in UK

Contemporary designs, or those designs that are particularly relevant to lives today, revolve around the use of space in a property. It is increasingly common to include multi-purpose spaces in the home. This allows a living room to become a bedroom or a dining room an office.

This trend is practical and potentially a result of global lockdowns. It also combines easily with open-plan style properties which remain popular.

Embracing the latest, or contemporary, interior design trends is simple.

  • Brown is back

Warm colours have inevitably led to a resurgence of brown in all its shades. There is a particular interest in dark browns such as chocolate and caramels. It’s easy to paint any wall with these colours.

  • The natural trend

As mentioned, this trend is in no danger of disappearing. As people become more aware and passionate about the planet it is inevitable that there will be a further increase in natural products as part of interior design.

It reflects an understanding of the environmental issues that face the planet and shows a dedication to helping resolve them. Fortunately, this design trend allows anyone to bring plants and natural materials into their home and embrace the latest interior design trends.

  • Antique Plaster

A surprising resurgence of interest has occurred in antique plastered walls, specifically, Venetian plaster and limewash. Naturally, these materials need to be applied by a professional to achieve a modern surface that looks like something from yesteryear.

That’s perhaps the best way of summing up the interior design trends for 2022, an embracement of nature while looking back and reminiscing on days gone by.